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A Better Ear is an independently owned hearing clinic in Cleveland. As an independent hearing clinic, you’ll always be treated by the Audiologist who owns the clinic, that means your best interests come first. That’s why we’re the best Audiologist in Cleveland!

We offer a range of audiological services including hearing tests, tinnitus treatment, hearing aid fittings, ear wax removal and more.

Welcome to A Better Ear. We listen so you can hear.

Hearing Clinic Cleveland

Audiologist Services

Adult Hearing Tests

One hour full comprehensive hearing test, focused on understanding exactly what’s going on with your hearing. No high-pressure sales tactics, ever.

Children’s Hearing Tests

Thorough children’s hearing test for kids of school age. We always explain the results and can provide you or your GP a report on our findings.

Hearing Aids

We’re independent so we supply all brands and all models of hearing aids according to what suits your circumstances and your budget best.

Tinnitus Counselling

Also known as ‘that ringing in the ears’ tinnitus can be maddening! We can give you tools and tactics to help stop or diminish those annoying crickets and cicadas.

Pensioner and DVA Subsidies

We are fully accredited to provide subsidised hearing tests and hearing aids under the Australian Governments Hearing Services Program.

Ear Wax Removal

Too much wax in your ears but hate syringing and scraping? We use gentle and effective microsuction to remove the pre-softened wax quickly and effectively.



We’re confident you’ll be glad you came to see us. Hear what Geoff and Jackie from Wellington Point have to say.

Be proactive with your hearing health and have confidence that you’ll be well treated!

(07) 3821 3744 | hello@abetterear.com.au

Whether you are researching for yourself, for a loved-one, or if you are a long time hearing aid wearer, you will be glad you selected an independent hearing clinic with high standards of integrity and clinical expertise.

Our policy is to treat every patient with courtesy, respect and attention to detail. We insist on providing the standard of care that we expect when we see a specialist. As a result, we’ve built a reputation for great results. So much so, that many of our patients refer their friends.

We’re proud of the community we have built around A Better Ear and are happy to share some of our patient feedback with you.

“I would like to say a very sincere ‘thank you’ to you for the time and effort you spent with me at my initial hearing test consultation. Your attention to detail was very professional and caring, with the results that my hearing aids are excellent for me. I have had no problems at all in adjusting to wearing them. Thank you again!”

Happy customer after hearing test in Cleveland Australia

“Penny is really good at explaining things. Each step of the way she tells you what she’s doing and shows it to you on the screen… It was really good. I knew what to expect.”

customer seeking cure for tinnitus giving gift to a better ear hearing clinic in Cleveland

“I finally made an appointment with A Better Ear in Cleveland of which the Audiologist and owner is Penelope Woods. This lady loves ears and nothing will stop her from providing the ultimate sound. Highly recommended. You will not be disappointed.”

pensioners trying best hearing aids in the market

“I came to Penelope from another provider who could not satisfy my hearing needs. I have been amazed and thrilled with her expertise and empathy. Truly magic!! I’m now able to hear clearly every spoken word. Thank you Penelope.”

Penelope Woods helping elderly patient with hearing aid fitting

“From the moment I walked into A Better Ear I felt at ease. Damien was so professional and made you feel welcome. The Audiologist Penelope was very professional and discussed the problem with my hearing and I now have my new hearing aids for background noise and crowds. Thank you both so much. My life is much easier now that I can hear so much better.”

latest hearing aid being worn by pensioner

“Both my husband and myself were lucky to meet Penelope. She has given both of us the best hearing tests we’ve ever had, also nothing is any trouble to her. Everything is explained in detail for you. We wish her all the best for the future.”

customer who has recovered from tinnitus giving gift to owner of A Better Ear audiology

If you’re ready to talk, and to be listened to, call us and make your appointment today.

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