About A Better Ear

Meet the people behind A Better Ear

We pride ourselves on creating outcomes that thoroughly satisfy our patients.
We achieve this through genuine hard work and attention to detail, in a supportive comforting environment.

Penelope Woods - MAudSt, MAudA (CCP), BMus
Principal Audiologist

I started my own clinic to improve the lives of people suffering from hearing loss.

Being experienced, I know that the best hearing aids are the ones that you’ll actually use. That doesn’t happen if the clinician is pushy or focused on selling.

I take the time to get to know you, your aims and your personal hearing circumstances before doing anything else. As a result, I have great relationships with my patients and I excel at providing them with hearing aids that are easy to use, are as comfortable as possible and are adjusted to perfection.

I hold a Masters degree in Audiology from the University of Queensland, and a Bachelor of Music from the Queensland Conservatorium and I maintain my professional certification through more than 80 hours of professional development each year (in fact, I often exceed that simply because I love it!).

When you see me, you can have confidence you’re being treated by an owner operator who takes her responsibility as a hearing rehabilitation specialist seriously.

Damien Woods - CCEO (prov.)
Business Manager

My job is to meet and greet each patient when they come to the clinic. I take pride in making each of our unique patients feel comfortable and at home. As a result, I make lots of cups of tea and coffee, and love to have a chat.

I also take care of all business matters, allowing Penelope’s vision to be fully realised and consistently delivered. This includes giving Penelope and her patients the time and space to co-create great outcomes.

I have a background in business management and marketing, but leaving that to help Penny with her important clinical work is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Our mission as a hearing care provider

Our sole purpose at A Better Ear is to provide patient-centred care that delivers rehabilitation services which exceed expectations and change lives for the better.

Everyone has unique Audiological and hearing needs. As a healthcare provider Penelope takes the time to thoroughly consult and treat according to the gold-standard of clinical practice, as defined by Audiology Australia and evidence-based theory.

Our YouTube Channel

Do these symptoms of hearing loss sound familiar?


The core values that shape our clinic

We are proud to share with you the core values that help guide what we do at A Better Ear.
It’s our belief that clear values assist to make A Better Ear a beautiful place to work and visit.


Remembering there is more that unites us than sets us apart helps us appreciate the circumstances of those we treat and work with.


We’re focused on doing what we can with what we have. We believe in influencing the world for the better, through our actions.


Nothing worth doing is easy. Important life-changing outcomes take time and can be challenging. Knowing the outcomes are worthwhile helps us stay the course.


Shortcuts belong in hair care, not healthcare. People trust us to help them on a daily basis. We don’t compromise that trust for lack of effort.


We’re dedicated to delivering actual results in real-life circumstances. We do that through evidence-based clinical practice.


The needs of the patient and their family are at the centre of what we do.

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