Why is it hard to hear TV Dialogue? Solutions for Better TV Audio.

Poorly lit actor covering his mouth with his hands indicating the difficulties associated with hearing speech on TV.

Hello, I’m Penelope Woods, a Masters Qualified Audiologist, passionate hearing health advocate and founder of A Better Ear. In my daily clinical practice, I often hear patients report that they’re finding it hard to hear TV dialogue. It’s a common issue faced by many, and I understand the frustration. In this article, we’ll explore the […]

An introduction to tinnitus

hearing aids for tinnitus.

In many cases, when patients are seeking tinnitus treatment or a tinnitus management plan, the tinnitus is a symptom of hearing loss. But why the link? Here we explain what tinnitus is and what can be done for people seeking “ringing in the ears treatment”. To start with, tinnitus is brain activity.  It is caused […]

Hearing Test under the Hearing Services Program

Hearing Services

Hearing test under the Hearing Services Program As a pension card holder, or Department of Veteran’s Affairs card holder, what are you looking for in hearing test? The Australian Government provides a range of fully subsidised hearing services to people like you, via the Hearing Services Program.  Although there are standards for the delivery of services, […]

The difference between an Audiologist and an Audiometrists

A Better Ear - Hearing clinics

What kind of hearing care specialist do you need? Hearing clinics deal with all manner of different conditions. A typical week at A Better Ear might include diagnosing and treating hearing loss related to age, noise exposure, wax build-up and even the impact of ototoxic medications (medications that are harmful to the organ of hearing). […]

Which is the best hearing clinic near me?

Hearing test near me, Cleveland Queensland.

Choosing a reputable hearing clinic Difficulty in hearing amid noise, realising that your partner is frequently asking you to repeat yourself, and having trouble hearing the grandchildren are common signs of hearing loss. Once you start recognising these symptoms, it becomes important to seek out a reputable and trustworthy hearing clinic. Searching for ‘hearing test […]

What kind of free pensioners hearing aids can I get?

What kind of free pensioners hearing aids can I get?

Free pensioner hearing aids? We get lots of questions about free hearing aids for pensioners, both in the clinic and when doing community education. People have heard there is such a thing, but they don’t know much more (except perhaps a negative stigma attached to them – we’ll get to that in a moment). Many […]

Can I get free pensioner hearing aids?

Can I get free pensioner hearing aids

The Hearing Services Program Unlike many other healthcare services in Australia, hearing care funding is not delivered through Medicare, but via a dedicated Australian Government program called the “Hearing Services Program” (HSP). Eligible pensioners and department of veterans’ affairs card holders can access a range of hearing care services and hearing devices through the program […]

Why a Beep Test Isn’t the Full Picture

Beep test

If you have ever received a hearing test in a shopping center then you are probably familiar with the beep test. A relatively quick check, a beep test involves listening to a series of pure tones (or beeps) through a pair of headphones and pressing a button when you hear a beep. The staff member […]

The Price Of Hearing Aids Explained

When looking into hearing aids, the cost of the technology can seem confronting for many people. While some styles and models are affordable, the prices of low end and high-end devices vary widely, creating confusion about the real value of the devices. Additionally, marketing language can sometimes make it difficult to compare the features of […]

How To Get Your Partner To Have A Hearing Test

young woman in Brisbane suffering headaches from tinnitus

Communication is the key to successful relationships. That’s how the saying goes.  Growing and learning together with your partner is one of life’s greatest rewards, however, the reality is some things are out of our control. Hearing loss is a fact of life for many. Especially in relationships, it can lead to a breakdown of […]