Is An Invisible Hearing Aid Right For Me?

There is a stigma around wearing hearing aids. People often have hesitations around wearing them as they often believe it is a sign of aging. Others just don’t like the way they look. As technology advances, however, the size of hearing aids has begun to drastically reduce to the point where they are nearly invisible. […]

Top Signs And Symptoms Of Hearing Loss

One in six Australians is known to have hearing loss. You can have trouble with your hearing at any age, but help is available and there are ways to stop hearing loss from getting worse.  Hearing loss can be caused by a range of factors. Some temporary, some permanent. But almost all are treatable. It […]

Blocked Ears: Causes, Issues & Treatments

If you are experiencing pain in the ear, have noticed sudden hearing loss on one or both sides, or have a fever with any of the symptoms listed, seek professional medical attention immediately. Have you ever experienced the feeling of a blocked ear or ears? Perhaps you’ve been sitting in an aeroplane after lift-off and […]

11 Questions to Ask Your Hearing Clinic

Penelope Woods & Damien Woods | A Better Ear

If you’ve decided to get your hearing tested, the next question is where to go. Compared to a few years ago, there are now many different clinics available to choose from. Whichever hearing care provider you pick, you’ll be trusting them to objectively assess and advise based on your needs, not theirs. So how do […]

7 Tips on Dining Out With Hearing Loss

Lady sitting at table | A Better Ear

There’s something lovely about dining out. It’s a chance to tickle your tastebuds with new foods. An opportunity to spend time with family and friends. And a way to enjoy a delicious meal without messing up your own kitchen! But dining out takes on a new dimension when you’re living with hearing loss. Instead of […]

Hearing Loss In One Ear: What You Need To Know

Lady sitting a hearing test | A Better Ear

Your ears love teamwork. Each one gathers information in the form of sound and sends it to your brain to interpret. Your brain loves receiving this double dataset. Indeed, we all feel more confident that something’s true when we’ve received the same information from more than one source. So what happens when you lose hearing […]

How Assisted Listening Devices and Hearing Aid Accessories Could Help You

Penelope Woods | A Better Ear

A properly fitted hearing aid should enable you to hear normally again – or pretty close to it. But normal hearing still has its limitations. Sound gets weaker with distance and is messed up by background noise. People with normal hearing may still struggle to hear clearly in a crowded restaurant, a vast lecture hall […]

Hearing Loss and Genetics

Penelope Woods with customer | A Better Ear

Your genes contain all the information needed to build and maintain your cells and pass on that information to your children. Your genes can directly cause some health conditions and make you more susceptible to others. So, can hearing loss be genetic? Yes, it can. Many people are surprised to learn that there’s a genetic […]

Hearing Aid Fitting: How You Can Prepare

Audiologist with customer fitting hearing aid | A Better Ear

Preparing for a hearing aid fitting at A Better Ear involves being psychologically ready, setting yourself some hearing goals and bringing along your phone, and a list of any questions you might have. Let’s look at each of these in turn. Being psychologically ready for your hearing aid fitting We’re often asked ‘How long does […]