Rechargeable Bluetooth hearing aids – A daily routine

Rechargeable Bluetooth aids

What is it like to wear hearing aids all day every day? If you are considering hearing aids, we’ve created this typical day to explain opportunities and challenges amplification via Bluetooth rechargeable hearing aids provide. Rise and shine! I get up and do my regular morning workout. I exercise alone and tend to get a […]

The Life of a Rechargeable Hearing Aid

Rechargeable hearing aids

From manufacture, to its wearers end-of-life recycling responsibility, a rechargeable hearing aid has several unique considerations. These set it apart from its disposable battery cousin. In this article, we take a closer look at the rechargeable hearing aid with respect to its unique characteristics. The first charge of your hearing aid. Rechargeable hearing aids are […]

How Bluetooth hearing aids work

How Bluetooth hearing aids work.

Wireless streaming to your ears Bluetooth can often be perceived as a hurdle. If you are not familiar with ‘streaming’ the whole thing can seem as daunting as any other unfamiliar technology. How do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Work? And why would I bother? We often see patients with Bluetooth hearing aids become interested in better […]

Can’t hear over background noise?

Hearing in noise

Many people first notice hearing loss in noisy environments. Pubs, clubs, restaurant, cafés and lecture halls all offer significant challenges. This is often because they are large open areas, with multiple sound sources and have hard flat surfaces with little to break up bouncing sound waves. If you are finding you can’t hear when there […]

How Do Hearing Aids Work?

Making you hearing aids sound better than ever.

Understanding Hearing Aid Functionality The impact of hearing loss primarily affects communication. This often leads to the deterioration of relationships, social engagement, and community ties as conversations become more challenging. Individuals seeking help for hearing loss typically aim to improve their speech comprehension. Although this may seem straightforward, the process of enhancing speech with hearing […]

An introduction to tinnitus

hearing aids for tinnitus.

In many cases, when patients are seeking tinnitus treatment or a tinnitus management plan, the tinnitus is a symptom of hearing loss. But why the link? Here we explain what tinnitus is and what can be done for people seeking “ringing in the ears treatment”. To start with, tinnitus is brain activity.  It is caused […]

Hearing Test under the Hearing Services Program

Hearing Services

Hearing test under the Hearing Services Program Are you looking for a hearing test under the Hearing Services Program? The Australian Government provides a range of fully subsidised hearing services via the program. Although there are standards for the delivery of services, patients report inconsistencies in the standards of care they receive. It’s important to know […]

The difference between an Audiologist and an Audiometrists

What's the difference between an Audiologist and an Audiometrist?

Do I need an Audiologist and an Audiometrists? Visit a hearing clinics in Austraila and you may see an Audiologist or an Audiometrist. But hearing clinics deal with all manner of conditions. A typical week at A Better Ear might include diagnosing and treating hearing loss related to age, noise exposure, wax build-up or even […]

Which is the best hearing clinic near me?

Hearing test near me, Cleveland Queensland.

Choosing a reputable hearing clinic Difficulty in hearing amid noise, realising that your partner is frequently asking you to repeat yourself, and having trouble hearing the grandchildren are common signs of hearing loss. Once you start recognising these symptoms, it becomes important to seek out a reputable and trustworthy hearing clinic. Searching for ‘hearing test […]