Hearing Test under the Hearing Services Program

Hearing Services

Hearing test under the Hearing Services Program As a pension card holder, or Department of Veteran’s Affairs card holder, what are you looking for in hearing test? The Australian Government provides a range of fully subsidised hearing services to people like you, via the Hearing Services Program.  Although there are standards for the delivery of services, […]

Explanation of your hearing test results, options and recommendations.

audiologist giving pensioner hearing test results in redlands, Queensland

Having discussed in previous blogs everything about a hearing test, we now reach the final stage where your results are explained, and the clinician gives you their recommendations. A hearing assessment is an opportunity for you to gather information about your hearing health. This allows you to make an educated decision about the options available. Hearing aids […]

What to Expect from a Hearing Test – Speech Tests and Speech in Noise Tests

Redlands hearing test clinic

Speech Tests and Speech in Noise Tests When explaining what is involved in a comprehensive hearing test, we can’t overlook the all-important ‘speech tests’. A simple ‘Speech Test’ performed in quiet, testing each ear separately. A ‘Speech in Noise Test’ testing both ears together in the presence of background noise. At a Glance The brain […]