Hearing Test under the Hearing Services Program

Hearing Services

Hearing test under the Hearing Services Program As a pension card holder, or Department of Veteran’s Affairs card holder, what are you looking for in hearing test? The Australian Government provides a range of fully subsidised hearing services to people like you, via the Hearing Services Program.  Although there are standards for the delivery of services, […]

11 Questions to Ask Your Hearing Clinic

Penelope Woods & Damien Woods | A Better Ear

If you’ve decided to get your hearing tested, the next question is where to go. Compared to a few years ago, there are now many different clinics available to choose from. Whichever hearing care provider you pick, you’ll be trusting them to objectively assess and advise based on your needs, not theirs. So how do […]

Explanation of your hearing test results, options and recommendations.

audiologist giving pensioner hearing test results in redlands, Queensland

Having discussed in previous blogs everything about a hearing test, we now reach the final stage where your results are explained, and the clinician gives you their recommendations. A hearing assessment is an opportunity for you to gather information about your hearing health. This allows you to make an educated decision about the options available. Hearing aids […]

What to Expect from a Hearing Test – Speech Tests and Speech in Noise Tests

Redlands hearing test clinic

Speech Tests and Speech in Noise Tests When explaining what is involved in a comprehensive hearing test, we can’t overlook the all-important ‘speech tests’. A simple ‘Speech Test’ performed in quiet, testing each ear separately. A ‘Speech in Noise Test’ testing both ears together in the presence of background noise. At a Glance The brain […]