Celebrating 5 Years in the Redlands!

Penelope and Damien relaxing outside the clinic

We are thrilled to announce that A Better Ear is celebrating five remarkable years of serving the Redlands community. 

To express our appreciation for your support, we’ve prepared a range of special offers designed to reward one lucky patient and encourage all of your friends to be pro-active about their hearing healthcare.

Hurry! This offer ends April 30!

February 2019 – Charlie stakes her claim on our new clinic in Cleveland.

Refer a Friend and Win a $899 package!

To everyone who has backed us, trusted our expertise, and contributed to our outstanding reputation within the Redlands, we extend a heartfelt thank you. 

We’re offering you the opportunity to win an Audeara A-02 TV bundle, which includes the A-02 Headphones and TV Streamer, valued at $599

Audeara is a Brisbane-based company who designs headphones that apply customised audiometric adjustments to suit your hearing profile for better sound. 

I personally use Audeara headphones on a daily basis for music, phone calls and audiobooks and highly recommend them!

Stream music, TV and phone calls with your hearing prescription.

The winner will also receive their choice of a $300 dinner voucher at the Courthouse Restaurant or a $300 in Coles Myer vouchers. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a night out, or take some sting out of that grocery bill; the choice is yours. 
To participate, simply refer a friend for a comprehensive hearing assessment before Wednesday the 1st of May. When they mention your name, you both go into the draw to win. 

Refer as many friends as you like. Each referral is a chance to win! Scroll all the way to the bottom for the full T&C’s.

If that’s not an incentive to be proactive about their hearing, here are some more reasons for them to start (or re-start) their hearing care journey with A Better Ear.

Free Hearing Health Plans.

When a new patient has a comprehensive hearing assessment before Wednesday the 1st of May, they’ll receive a free personalised hearing health plan

This plan includes a snapshot of their current hearing health together with strategic tailored recommendations to help them maintain and improve their hearing and cognitive health, with or without hearing aids. 

They can choose to pursue those recommendations with us, or take them elsewhere. Its their personalised plan. 

We focus on hearing education and helping you make an informed choice.

Free 11-Point Hearing Aid Inspection!

For hearing aid wearers who are with another provider and are not 100% satisfied, start afresh today with a complimentary 11-point hearing aid inspection and report. 

Do you know someone who has complained that their hearing aids aren’t working well? If your friend transfers their hearing care to us, and has a comprehensive hearing assessment before Wednesday the 1st of May, we’ll perform a complimentary 11-point hearing aid inspection. Not only that, we’ll also provide them with a report of our findings. 

We’ll perform audiometric testing, remove and measure any moisture within the devices, clean micro-debris from the microphone ports, we’ll check and report on filters, domes, receiver wires, battery chambers, and inspect a range of other specifics. 

If we think improvements can be made, we’ll share what we’ve learned. 

Hearing aids not working right? Find out why.

2 for 1 Hearing Assessments for Friends

For self-funded retirees (and pensioners without government entitlements) who transfer to us, we’re offering the gift of togetherness. 

When two new patients book and attend their comprehensive hearing assessments together before May 1st, we’ll charge two appointments for the price of one. 

Both people will get a comprehensive hearing assessment including speech-in-noise testing, a personalised hearing health plan, as well as tips on communicating better at home, for half price

Hearing rehabilitation is more successful when you have support.

Want to reduce the cost further? Ask your GP for a referral for a hearing test before attending, and we’ll process your Medicare rebate on the spot. 

Hearing is about social connections, so if you know someone who could benefit from the outstanding service that A Better Ear provides, forward this newsletter to them before we run out of spaces. We’re expecting our limited availability to fill fast. 

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Terms and Conditions for A Better Ear 5th Birthday Offer

1. Eligibility Criteria: The “Refer a Friend and Win” competition is available to both “existing patients” and “new patients” who have been referred by an “existing patient” within the competition timeframe. For both parties to be eligible, the “new patients” must be at least 18 years old and undergo a detailed 60-minute hearing evaluation at A Better Ear during the competition timeframe. “New patients” who haven’t been referred by an “existing patient” are ineligible for the “Refer a Friend and Win” competition. 

2. Competition Period: The competition begins at 8.45 am AEST on Wednesday, 20 March 2024, and all entries must be received by A Better Ear by 4.00 pm AEST on Tuesday, 30 April 2024.

3. Entry Requirements: During the comprehensive hearing assessment, the “new patient” must provide the name and either the date of birth or phone number of the “existing patient” who referred them. This is to ensure the accurate identification of the “existing patient”. A “comprehensive hearing assessment” is defined as a 60-minute audiological assessment performed by one of A Better Ear’s audiologists at our clinic located at A Better Ear, Hub 68, Suite 5, 58-56 Delancey Street, Ormiston QLD 4160.

4. Prize Details: The prize consists of an $899 package, which includes the Audeara A-02 TV bundle, valued at $599 and a $300 voucher.  The winner can choose between a $300 dinner voucher at the Courthouse Restaurant Cleveland or $300 in Coles Myer vouchers. If the dinner voucher is selected, A Better Ear will arrange a prepaid booking at the restaurant. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash or other alternatives.

5. Winner Selection: The Directors of A Better Ear will perform a random draw to determine the winner at 5.00 pm on Wednesday, 1 May 2024, at A Better Ear’s location. Attendance by the general public will not be permitted at the prize draw.

6. Winner Notification: The winner will be notified via phone or email within two business days of the draw. The winner has one week to claim their prize in person at A Better Ear. If the prize is unclaimed, a second draw will be conducted, and the prize will be awarded to the new winner. These notification and prize claim conditions will apply to any subsequent winners until the prize is claimed.

7. Privacy: Participant information will be processed in accordance with A Better Ear’s Privacy Policy, available at https://abetterear.com.au/privacy-policy/ .

8. Liability and Indemnification: A Better Ear is not liable for inaccuracies or technical failures related to the competition. Full details are provided in the section above.

9. Definitions: “Existing patients” refers to individuals who have received one or more services from A Better Ear before or during the competition’s timeframe. “New patients” are individuals who have not received one or more services from A Better Ear before the competition start date.

10. Transfer of Care: Patients transferring from another provider must complete necessary consent forms. Privately funded patients are advised to provide their personal hearing health file from their previous provider for improved continuity of care.

11. Free 11-Point Hearing Aid Inspections includes: Inspection and rating of acoustic coupling, inspection and rating of receiver wire or tubing, inspection and removal of microphone port debris via the Jodi Pro Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner, measurement and removal of trapped internal moisture via Redux ultra-efficient evaporation drying system, wax obstruction inspection and reporting, battery compartment inspection (where appropriate), listening evaluation, full external sanitisation and cleaning recommendation. In addition, compatible hearing aids will have the following audiometric testing performed with an Aurical Hearing Instrument Test box:  OSPL 90 Max/HFA, OSPL 50 Max/HFA and THD 500/800/1600 Hz. Audiometric test results will be compared to manufacturer specifications and ANSI tolerances will be used to determine if the device passes or fails testing. Due to the nature of audiometric testing and the availability of manufacturer specifications, only certain devices will be tested. 

12. Miscellaneous: A Better Ear reserves the right to modify, suspend, or cancel the “Refer a Friend and Win” competition and related 5th anniversary offers due to unforeseen circumstances, with notice provided to participants as soon as possible.

13. Dispute Resolution: Decisions by A Better Ear are final, with no correspondence or discussion to be entered into regarding competition results or procedures.

14. Contact Information: For queries or further information, contact the business manager at hello@abetterear.com.au.

By entering the competition, participants agree to these terms and conditions.