Clinical Research in Audiology

University of Queensland alumni, and A Better Ear founder, Penelope Woods BMus, MAud, MAudS (CCP) takes an active interest in shaping the practical application of hearing science in the professional world. As a passionate advocate of ethics in the professional and an entrepreneur, Penelope believes it is important to maintain strong roots in academia, the business world, and the community.

Her professional network of University lecturers and researchers, industry professionals and professional practitioners (from a range of settings and disciplines), allows her to remain abreast of current academic research into hearing loss and its effects.

By participating in and supporting research and focus groups Penelope is proud to use her role at A Better Ear as a conduit for community education and involvement in clinical studies.

Research you can participate in…

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“No longer did my wife have to repeat herself every time she spoke to me. I could even share in a conversation in a noisy crowded room without straining or pretending I was hearing what people said to me. That’s how good it was.” – Warren, Manly QLD 4179.