A Better Ear Hearing Crossword


As proud supporters of RDCOTA and sponsors of their 2019 Seniors Walk, A Better Ear took care of refreshments on the first water stall. If you were there you may have received a copy of our hearing health crossword. Its pretty tough so we thought you might appreciate the answers! If you haven’t seen it before and enjoy a crossword, good luck. We hope you find it fun and informative.

Across Down
3. One of an Audiologists principal tools. (8) 1. Financial incentive that gets in the way of ethical practice. (10)
5. Children taste it once, but never again. (6) 2. A ‘beep test’ measures your hearing in each of these. (11)
6. Many struggle to hear speech in this. (5) 4. Blindness separates us from things. Hearing loss separates us from …… (6)
8. Declines faster with untreated hearing loss. (6) 7. Dementia’s number one modifiable risk factor. (7, 4)
9. A clinic that isn’t owned by a hearing aid manufacturer is known as this. (11) 10. A Better Ear. We …… so you can hear. (6)
13. A soundproof box used for testing. (5) 12. This classical composer said “I shall hear in heaven.” (9)
16. A safer alternative to syringing earwax from the canal. (12) 14. The ear drum is named after this tuned orchestral drum. (7)
17. When someone has a hearing loss, their friends and family have a hearing ……. (7) 15. Clinical name for earwax. (7)
18. A Better Ear is on the corner of Waterloo and which street in Cleveland? (5)  
19. The best time to treat hearing loss. (3)