Ear wax removed with microsuction

Microsuction removes earwax easily

Safe, gentle and effective ear wax removal in Cleveland.

Why use suction to remove ear wax?

Ear wax removal with microsuction is safer and more comfortable than flushing, syringing or scraping. A thin sterile tube attached to a specially calibrated suction wand to remove wax from blocked ears leaving them clean. Often described as an ear vacuum, microsuction is very precise and gentle and is the preferred method for clearing ear wax from the ear.

Microsuction machine
The thin sterile tubes used with the microsuction device.

How does microsuction work?

Treatment commences a few days prior to your appointment by applying ear wax softening drops at home. Once the ear wax has had time to soften, the gentle microsuction wand is used to progressively remove all wax build-up in the ear canal leaving it clean. You’ll be able to see the results for yourself (if you want – we don’t blame you if you don’t!) via our video otoscope. It rarely takes more than 30 minutes.

Does ear wax removal hurt?

Some forms of ear wax removal can be uncomfortable. Ear wax removal with microsuction is however minimally invasive and the treatment is extremely straight forward, but very carefully performed. It is therefore the least uncomfortable method of ear cleaning.

Prior to arranging your appointment, please consider your ability to remain still throughout the procedure. This is due to the risk of injury to the ear canal or ear drum caused by a sudden movement. These injuries are extremely rare and microsuction currently represents the safest and most effective means for removing ear wax.

Microsuction in progress
Microsuction in progress.

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Having a ear blocked with wax can have an annoying impact on your life. If this is you, or you think your hearing is affected by wax build up, give us a call.

For the low flat fee of $99 our specially training Audiologist can inspect, diagnose and address your ear wax concerns. No referral from a GP or ENT is necessary and we can often accommodate you in the same week!