Ear Wax Removal

Safe, gentle and effective ear wax removal and microsuction

What is microsuction?

Microsuction is a form of ear wax removal which is a safer and more comfortable than traditional methods.

A thin sterile tube and specially calibrated suction wand is used to gently remove the ear wax from your ear. People often report that microsuction is their preferred method for clearing ear wax and no referral is required from your GP.

Audiologist removing ear wax from customers ear

How does microsuction work?

Treatment commences a few days prior to your appointment by applying earwax softening drops at home. Once the earwax has had time to soften, the gentle microsuction wand is used to progressively remove all wax build-up in the ear canal leaving it clean and free of excess wax. You’ll be able to see the results for yourself (if you want) via our video otoscope. It all takes approximately 30 minutes.

Does microsuction hurt?

Microsuction is minimally invasive and the treatment is extremely straight forward, albeit meticulously performed.

Prior to arranging your appointment, please consider your ability to remain still throughout the 30-minute procedure. This is due to the risk of injury to the ear canal or ear drum caused by a sudden movement. These injuries are extremely rare and microsuction currently represents the safest and most effective means for removing ear wax.

pensioner having ear wax removed in Cleveland hearing clinic

How much does it cost?

Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we are not performing this services currently. Please speak to your GP about alternate solutions or call us for ear wax softening drops.

Microsuction ear wax removal is only $85 for both ears.

No ENT or GP referral required!

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