Hearing Aid Fitting

When it comes to hearing rehabilitation, it’s not as easy as putting on a pair of hearing aids and walking away. Successful hearing aid fittings are a complex combination of;

  1. Appropriate hearing aid technology and style
  2. The patients desire to hear well, and
  3. Clinical expertise

Whether you get your hearing aids through us, or buy them elsewhere and bring them to us, we’ll assess you hearing, fit your aids, and tune them perfectly to your prescription. The whole assessment and fitting process involves 3 appointments over a 2-week period plus a 6-month follow up, and involves us working closely together to reintroduce you for a world full of sounds.

Hearing aid being fitted by Audiologist in Cleveland

At A Better Ear we believe in separating the cost of the hearing aid from the cost of clinical services. This allows you to know exactly what you are paying for.

Hearing aid fitting fee; $450.00* 


*This services is fully subsidised ($0) for eligible pensioners and DVA card holders. The fee covers a one hour fitting appointment, a 30 min follow-up appointment 7 days later, and we get you back for a 30 min follow-up appointment after 6 months to make sure everything is going well.

In the interests of transparency, clinical fees are independent from the cost of your hearing aid. Our Adult Hearing Assessment is charged at $145.00. Please see our Adult Hearing Assessment page for more details. Consult your private health insurance to see if you are eligible for a rebate. Medicare rebates may be available. Talk to your GP about a team care plan for Audiology.

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