Signia is a hearing aid brand owned by Sivantos, a hearing instrument company based in Singapore.

In 2018, Sivantos and the Dutch hearing aid manufacturer Widex, announced an $8B merger, creating the 3rd largest hearing conglomerate in the world – WS Audiology. In 2019 this represented 19% of the global market. Signia makes Charge&Go and Styletto range of hearing aids as well as the Pure, Silk and Inso models, and others.

$2,445.00 each, excluding clinical fees. Less for Pensioners and DVA card holders.
$2,445.00 each, excluding clinical fees. Less for Pensioners and DVA card holders.
$2,445.00 each, excluding clinical fees. Less for Pensioners and DVA card holders.
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$4,490.00 a pair, excluding clinical fees. Less for Pensioners and DVA card holders.
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Signia Silk

$1,445.00 each, excluding clinical fees. Less for Pensioners and DVA card holders.
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$2,195.00 each, excluding clinical fees. Less for Pensioners and DVA card holders.

“Tiny marvels” is how Signia likes to describe their hearing aids. The company claims that their devices can work wonders to replicate natural hearing, “from the sound of our own voice to the many different acoustic environments that surround us in our daily lives.” In fact, the sound of one’s own voice is often mentioned by new hearing aid wearers (and even experienced hearing aid wearers when upgrading). The voice can be described as loud and unnatural. Signia claims the solution is their OVP or Own Voice Processing technology. They state on their website that this provides a natural own-voice sound in combination with optimal hearing in all situations resulting in a pleasant, natural listening experience.

Each hearing aid manufacture must deal with the same challenges, such as the own-voice problem described above. And each manufacturer meets that challenge in different ways.  Speech intelligibility in background noise (something we test during your assessment) is a highly important consideration that Signia seeks to address via its advanced noise suppression technologies. The goal is of course to make it easier for you to understand your conversation partner, even in very noisy environments such as at the club, a café, a restaurant or a business environment.

Signia also says that it uses your phone’s accelerometer, via their myControl mobile app, to assist in providing optimal hearing performance even when you are moving about.

The full range of hearing aid styles are available from Signia. This includes receiver-in-the-canal, behind-the-ear, and custom hearing aid styles. Signia has its regional office in Milton, Queensland.

The Signia range of devices includes all the features we’ve come to expect from digital hearing aids including; built-in lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, Bluetooth connectivity, telecoil, up to 48 channels of audio processing, easy volume and program controls for up to 6 customisable programs, programs for tinnitus relief, excellent water and dust protection (IP rating) and a 3 year manufactures warranty. Signia apps provide personalised control of your hearing aids, allowing you to make program and volume adjustments quickly and discretely. Telehealth is supported by Signia through the Signia app allowing you to receive follow-up support and consultations from us without having to visit the clinic.

The comprehensive depth of hearing aid styles, features and accessories mean that Signia should be considered as part of the solutions for unilateral and bilateral sufferers of hearing loss.

Signia hearing aids are distributed in Australia via independent clinics such as A Better Ear, as well as through some major Australian chain clinics.

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