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In 2018 Widex, a Danish hearing aid manufacturer, announced it merged with Sivantos (manufacturer of Signia hearing aids) to form the 3rd largest hearing conglomerate in the world. The new company WS Audiology represented 19% of the global market in 2019.

Hearing Aids

Widex Evoke

$1,445.00 each, excluding clinical fees. Less for Pensioners and DVA card holders.


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Hearing Aids

Widex Moment

$1,445.00 / each, excluding clinical fees. Less for Pensioners and DVA card holders.

Widex claims to have forged a reputation as one of the most innovative manufacturers in the hearing industry through their development of digital technology at a level of quality that few can match. They describe their approach to innovation as uncompromising and indeed Widex is responsible for the world’s first digital in-the-ear hearing aid, as well as their own revolutionary wireless technology. As a manufacturer, they advise that their aim is to provide the absolute best hearing aids and customer services. They pride themselves on offering the most advanced, natural sound on the market.

Experienced hearing aid wearers understand what new hearing aid wearers quickly discover; that it is essential to have a device that helps you hear soft sounds whilst ensuring the loud sounds are not uncomfortable. This is stated as a focus of the Widex brand. They claim to provide you with a sound experience that allows you to hear a full spectrum of sounds – from background noise to whispers, to the voices of friends at a restaurant. Furthermore, there is a real effort to make sure that all their hearing aids can be fit in such a way that suit your exact hearing loss and the way you listen. By creating a device that does this, whilst being comfortable to wear all day every day, Widex aims to help you hear the most natural sound possible, whoever you are and wherever you are.

The 2020 launch of the Widex Moment range of hearing aids builds on the existing Evoke range of hearing aids already in the market.

As a major manufacturer Widex has a full range of features available in a variety of form factors and prices. When you consider that Widex users can choose from Bluetooth connectivity, lithium-ion rechargeability, tinnitus relief, excellent water and dust protection (IP rating 68), telecoil, up to 15 channels of audio processing, in addition to 11 sound classes to automatically determine the best sound for each environment, volume and program controls for up to 4 customisable programs, and a 3 year manufactures warranty, there’s really an extraordinary range of features. The Widex Moment and Evoke mobile apps allow you to receive consultations and adjustments from your Audiologist anywhere there is an internet connection. That means that adjustments to your hearing aids can be done from home or whilst on holiday. You are also able to provide feedback on your hearing aids performance when it is convenient for you.

With a fully-featured range of hearing aids and accessories, we find Widex is the right choice for many people suffering from hearing loss on one or both sides and that enjoy the distinctive sound processing Widex provides.

In Australia Widex hearing aids are distributed via independent clinics such as A Better Ear but are also prescribed solely through the Widex owned chain of retail stores known as Bloom Hearing.

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