Children’s Hearing Test, Redlands

Meeting their full potential

We all want the best for our kids. If you or your child’s teacher is concerned about their performance in class, the first thing to consider is can they hear well? That’s where our children’s hearing test comes in. Children need to be able to hear well to find learning fun and engaging. Our children’s hearing test is suitable for kids of school age and will provide you with certainty about their hearing ability.

Our comprehensive hearing exam and consultation takes 1-hour. You’ll leave informed and impressed with our standard of care.

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Consult your private health insurance to see if your child is eligible for a rebate. Talk to your family doctor to find out if Medicare rebates are available.

“Penny is able to explain complex issues in a kind and easy manner. Penny recently diagnosed my young child with a hearing loss. She worked with my child in a manner that made the process fun and my child was unaware it was even a testing process. I thoroughly appreciate Penny’s friendly approachable manner with both myself and my child. I can highly recommend her for any children’s-based issues.”Rachel, Thornlands, QLD 4164.

As parents we understand that it does not matter if they are 6 or 16 years old, they are still your baby. But unfortunately, hearing loss affects kids and young adults as well as older people. When it does, it can have a negative impact on the child’s ability to get the most out of school. It can make it harder to socialise and to create a support network of reliable friends.
If you, or your child’s teacher, are concerned about your son or daughters performance in class, if you are worried about their ability to remain focussed on their work, or if you feel their language skills aren’t quite where you think they should be, one of the first things to consider is “can they hear well?” Imagine yourself in a class where you cannot hear the teacher or your peers. It is easy to see how boredom could quickly set in. Results could suffer, and low self-esteem and unwanted behaviours could follow.

Finding learning fun

At A Better Ear, we enjoy engaging with young people. We make the testing process a fun, educational, and imaginative experience. Once all the testing is done, we take the time to sit down and talk you through the results and discuss options (if further support or testing is required). This way you will leave with a much better understanding of your child’s hearing situation and hopefully, better peace of mind. We consider that part of our duty of care.

Children of school or Prep age generally display the attention skills required for an accurate and reliable test result. It is for that reason we cannot assist with younger children. If your child is not yet at Prep we’re happy to recommend a good Independent Audiologist who specialises with younger children. Please get in touch.