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Safe, gentle and effective ear cleaning with microsuction.

Experience safe, gentle, and effective ear wax removal with our advanced microsuction technology. Ideal for adults with blocked ears or those simply looking to clean out ear wax comfortably.

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What is Microsuction?

Microsuction is a leading ear cleaning technique that is safer and more comfortable than traditional methods such as ear syringing or ear toilet. Using a thin, sterile tube and a precision suction wand, our trained Audiologists gently clear out ear wax, providing relief from discomfort or hearing loss associated with wax buildup.

Why Choose Microsuction for Wax Removal?

Our microsuction service is quick, painless, and highly effective. No GP referral is required, and the procedure only takes about 30 minutes. It’s the preferred method for ear cleaning and wax removal, offering minimal discomfort and immediate results.

How Does Microsuction Work?

Prepare for your visit by using softening drops at home a few days before your appointment. During your session, our audiologists use a microsuction wand to carefully remove all wax from your ears. You can see the clear results yourself with our video otoscope technology.

Is Ear Cleaning Painful?

Microsuction is a minimally invasive method that is generally pain-free. Our Masters Qualified Audiological team performs this meticulous procedure with the utmost care, ensuring your comfort throughout the session.

Who Can Undergo Microsuction Wax Removal?

Microsuction is a safe and effective method of ear cleaning suitable for most adults. However, there are specific conditions that may prevent some individuals from undergoing this procedure.

At A Better Ear we do not perform microsuction if you are under 16 years of age or if you have conditions that prevent you from sitting still or tolerating the noise and sensation of suction within the ear canal.

Other contraindications include ear surgery within the last 12 months, a perforated eardrum, presence of grommets, any ear bleeding, single-sided deafness, true vertigo with severe symptoms, or any previous surgery like a mastoidectomy affecting the ear canal.

If you have any concerns about your eligibility for microsuction, please call us on (07) 3821 3744 for further information.

Ear Wax Cleaning with Microsuction before and after examples

Procedure Duration.

TThe entire microsuction procedure for ear wax removal typically requires just one 30-minute appointment. We recommend preparing your ears with an oil-based wax softening solution beforehand. Appointments are conveniently available most days.

Cost and Medicare.

The cost for a microsuction session is $118.00, which includes both ears. Rebates are be available through Medicare Team Care Plans (10952); please consult your GP before attending.

For effective relief from blocked ears and to maintain ear hygiene, book your microsuction appointment today. Our experts are here to help you with all your ear wax removal needs.

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