Hearing Aid Fitting

An evidence-based clinical method

Whether you have purchased your hearing aids through A Better Ear or elsewhere, we take the timewith your hearing aid fitting, tuning them perfectly for real-life situations.

Fitting hearing aids is not a matter of putting them on the patient and asking them to go out into the world and “give them a try”. Hearing aid fitting involves a well-researched, evidence-based clinical methodology rooted in the physical behaviour of sound waves in your ear canal. The relative health of each part of your hearing system, and the expertise required to counsel you through the first critical weeks after your hearing aid fitting, are also important factors in your success.

Successful hearing aid fittings balance three critical factors:

  • selection of appropriate hearing aid style and technology,
  • the patients’ readiness for change, and
  • the clinicians’ ability to work with the patient to create life-improving outcomes.

What to Expect in a Hearing Aid Fitting

When you choose us for your fitting, we start by assessing your hearing. We do this to ensure we have a thoroughly accurate starting point. Every fitting is then performed using the internationally recognized gold standard for fitting verification (real ear measurements) which is performed by placing tiny reference microphones into the ear canal whilst the hearing aids are in-situ. Measurement and calibration of this kind ensure that the hearing aids are tuned perfectly, meeting your prescription and satisfaction.

The whole assessment and fitting process takes place over 3 appointments.

Your follow up appointment will ideally occur within 1 to 2 weeks of the fitting. We also follow up with you at the 6-month mark, either face to face or via telehealth, to check how everything is going.

Year-round support

Included in your fitting is a year of full support both over the counter and via telehealth. This support includes help cleaning and servicing your aids, advice on their use and management as well as support with Bluetooth connectivity and any mobile app. We aim to make your hearing aid fitting a life-changing success.

Please note that hearing aid consumables (such as batteries and wax filters), and replacement parts (where they are not covered by the manufacturers 3-year warranty) are charged separately. Additional clinical consultations not related to the initial fitting are charged at the discretion of the Audiologist.

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“I am now back in the world and not fading away outside it. Today, I wear my new ‘ears’ as a normal part of my life. To take them off is to step back into the silence of the deaf. I no longer fear this fate. I am a hearing person.” – Warwick, Ormiston, QLD 4160