Tinnitus Treatment & Management

What is Tinnitus?

If you are reading this, you probably already know what tinnitus is. It is a constant or intermittent, ringing, or buzzing sound in one or both ears. It has been described as crickets or cicadas, and when it occurs in the lower frequencies, it can sound like the thumping wind noise you get when driving with a window down. Anyone who suffers from tinnitus knows how disruptive to normal life it can be. When it starts it might only be in the quiet moments, like lying in bed at night, but we know it can become loud and disturbing. Fortunately, there are ways to ease the burden of tinnitus.

Can It Be Treated?

The condition is caused by spontaneous brain activity in the regions dedicated to hearing. It often occurs because the areas in the brain responsible for hearing, are not being sufficiently stimulated. This is frequently because of hearing loss. Without something to keep the cells busy, they fire off spontaneously, resulting in brain activity that you can ‘hear’. There are other things that can cause tinnitus too. We will screen for these as part of your assessment. Tinnitus treatment varies depending on the individual. It can involve reacquainting the brain listening centres with the constant low-level background noise of normal life. This provides relief to the sufferer in two ways. Firstly, it acts as a distraction from the specific tinnitus sound. Secondly, it retrains the offending brain cells to do what they are meant to do, instead of misbehaving!

Your Tailored Plan

At A Better Ear, Our principal Audiologist and founder Penelope Woods, BMus, MAudS, MAudA (CCP), has an active interest in tinnitus and continues to complete many hours of professional development annually in this specialised field. Our tailored tinnitus management program provides professional advice and counselling. It also gives sufferers tools and techniques for immediate and long-term relief. With appropriate treatment and counselling, we have helped patients reduce the effects of tinnitus.

There is no magic cure for tinnitus. Most people however, can reduce their tinnitus or eliminate it completely through appropriate counselling and management. Contact us to book your personal tinnitus consultation.

The first step in treating tinnitus is to get a full understanding of your hearing system via a thorough audiological examination. From there we’ll be in a position to plan rehabilitation.

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Is it possible to treat Tinnitus?

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