Hearing Test under the Hearing Services Program

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Hearing test under the Hearing Services Program

Are you looking for a hearing test under the Hearing Services Program? The Australian Government provides a range of fully subsidised hearing services via the program. Although there are standards for the delivery of services, patients report inconsistencies in the standards of care they receive. It’s important to know what you are looking for when you Google “Hearing test near me” or something similar.

A Better Ear is a privately owned, and completely independent clinic with no preferred supply arrangements with hearing aid manufactures. You can read how we select hearing aids here. We’ve built our reputation on ethics, expertise, and outstanding patient centred care. Typically, patients come to see us because they are looking for reliable support within the hearing services program. They may have been to other clinics, had the run around with poor customer service or made expensive purchases with underwhelming results. Many people perceive a reputational problem in the hearing care industry. We get it! But many engage with A Better Ear because they feel they can trust us to be their impartial guides in hearing care.

When choosing a hearing service program provider, word of mouth is invaluable. Nothing compares to the personal experience of someone you trust. But what do you do if you don’t know anyone with firsthand experience? You don’t want to simply take the clinics word for it. So, what can you do?

Many refer to Google reviews.

At the time of writing A Better Ear has over 200 Google reviews and a perfect 5-star rating from patients who have attended our clinic!

Here’s what people are saying:

“An excellent and caring approach to my hearing problems. No pressure or pushing of more expensive products. I am so pleased with my Starkey brand rechargeable aids and now hearing many sounds I’d lost. Well done Penelope and you’ve got a lovely sense of humour. It’s been a pleasure!”

When Tony wrote this review in December 2021, he mentioned the concerns many people have when they seek help with the hearing services program; the fear that they will get pressured into an expensive purchase. We will never do that. It’s just not what we are about.

Roy of Birkdale wrote…

“Had aids but they were not working to my satisfaction. After trying several places who only wanted to replace my aids, I went to A Better Ear. They suggested sending the aids for a clean/rebuild, did a professional hearing test and gave me a loaner pair. Result, effectively new aids for a fraction of the costs which after she tuned them, improved my hearing as never before. Yes, give them a go.”

Roy contacted us via the website after finding us on Google in April 2022. His hearing aids were only a few years old and are a high performing model. As a motivated and reputable healthcare provider we were more than willing to help Roy achieve his goals.

Rod of Thornlands said…

“It’s great to see such a professional, thorough, well researched and dedicated service in the audiology field here in Cleveland. Penelope and Damien looked after myself and my mother-in-law and took great care in explaining all of the details of our tests. It’s great to see someone who is so passionate about their craft go into business as it shows through in the quality of their work. Highly recommend.”

The following review from Anna in January 2022, perfectly illustrates our clinical approach. We aim to treat people the way we would like to be treated by a specialist, and to do so using the best in clinical procedures and equipment.

“Blown away by the service, dedication, and attention to detail! The team at A Better Ear went above and beyond to help me when I was struggling with tinnitus, and I called them right before closing time. Penelope went out of her way to get me into a doctor immediately that night and then saw me early the next morning. Those feelings you get when you don’t know who to turn to turn were quickly alleviated by Penelope. I felt her genuine concern and desire to help a stranger, even though I hadn’t been to her clinic before. Thank you both!!”

We are taking new patients now

If you are looking to start your hearing care journey on the right foot, or if you are unhappy with your current provider, please call us at A Better Ear on 3821 3744.  Let’s discuss how we can help you. Either with the Australian Government’s Hearing Services Program, or as a privately funded patient you’ll receive the ethical and independent advice of an expertly qualified audiologist, motivated to help you enjoy hearing with ease again.

Disclaimer: All information is general in nature. Patients should consider their own personal circumstances and seek a second opinion. Eligibility for, and services available under the Program may change. Please check the HSP website for up-to-date details.