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Many consumers are concerned about how commercial factors affect how hearing aids are selected. And rightly so!

Did you know that from April 1st 2020 all Australian Government contracted Hearing Service Providers (HSP) must make available a written Device Supply Arrangement Disclosure to all HSP program clients receiving devices.

We’re a privately owned and fully independent specialty hearing rehabilitation clinic that is not owned or controlled by a hearing device manufacturer or supplier. Naturally therefore we are proud to provide the following Device Supply Arrangements Disclosure in the interests of fairness and transparency in the hearing industry.

Device Supply Arrangements Disclosure

All hearing devices prescribed at A Better Ear are selected based on what is clinically appropriate for the person being treated and what best meets their goals.

A Better Ear has no preferred supplier agreement and no minimum volume requirements with any device manufacturer or supplier. To ensure clinical integrity A Better Ear, its staff, and directors, accept no commission or incentive payments related to the supply of devices.

To assists in reducing the costs of devices to patients and to the business, A Better Ear has negotiated wholesale discounts from the following device manufacturers and suppliers.

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When selecting the right device for each person, we use the evidence-based clinical methodology referred to as patient-centred-care. This kind of shared decision-making is at the core of our business. We are proud of our clinical integrity and work hard to maintain it.

Damien and Penelope Woods

Penelope and Damien Woods, Founders of A Better Ear.

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