Online Hearing Test

Quickly Assess Your Hearing

All you need, to take our online hearing test, is an internet connection, a quiet place, and a pair of headphones. Click the button below to get started! When you do, a new page will load. Please make sure you have your headphones or earbuds ready. Before starting you will be asked several questions about how you feel in different listening situations and if you believe you have a hearing loss.

After setting the volume to 50%, the test starts. Whilst listening for beeps you will be asked to adjust the volume of the test tone up or down until you can just hear it. Unlike a comprehensive hearing test where we cover 8 or more frequencies, the test covers only 3 frequencies, low, medium, and high. When the test is complete, you will be given a summary of your result. For example “You have good hearing.” If you would like a more detailed report enter your email address. Then if you wish to discuss things further you can easily contact us for advice.

How reliable is an online hearing test?

As you can appreciate, this is not a clinical diagnosis of your hearing. It is not provided with the intention of replacing a consultation with a professional in a sound-treated clinic. You can read about the reliability of an online test here. We provide this tool in the interests of encouraging those who think they may have symptoms of hearing loss, to better understand their situation. We know that coming to terms with hearing loss can be challenging and can take time, so when you are ready to discuss things in more detail, please let us know and we can book a full consultation.

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Please Note: This hearing test provides a baseline assessment of your hearing levels. It is not a substitute for a professional diagnostic hearing evaluation carried out by a Masters qualified Audiologist.

“Penny was very considerate, explaining each step along the way. There was no pressure just a very caring professional who I would recommend to anyone with a hearing issue. Thanks to both Penny and Damien for the kind and friendly manner they conduct their business.” – Helen, Alexandra Hills, QLD 4161