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New and revolutionary Oticon More is built on new insights into the brain.

Because it is powered by a highly intelligent Deep Neural Network, this hearing aid gives the brain access to the full sound scene, in a groundbreakingly precise, holistic, and well-balanced way.

Introducing the world’s first hearing aid giving the brain the full perspective
A technological breakthrough that gives hearing aid users access to all relevant sounds delivering on our unique BrainHearing philosophy, and powered by cutting-edge technology, Oticon More processes the full sound scene in a holistic and balanced way. This gives the brain optimised input from all types of meaningful sounds, not just speech*.


With this new perspective in hearing care, we break with conventional thinking by supporting the brain’s natural ability to make sense of sound.


New research shows: A complete neural code is the foundation for the brain to work naturally
The journey of sounds begins when they flow into the ear. Once inside the cochlea, they are converted into a neural code of information. This code is transported by the auditory nerve through the brainstem and into the brain’s
hearing centre.


Uncovering how the brain’s hearing centre works
From new independent research^, we now know that the hearing centre in the brain consists of two subsystems that work together on the neural code. The two subsystems analyse the neural code and turn it into meaningful sounds, which they can make sense of. The better the neural code, the better the brain performs.


The brain is always orienting in order to create the full perspective
Step 1: The orient subsystem scans the full sound scene
In the hearing centre, the orient subsystem scans the surroundings to detect sound input, creates an overview of the sounds, and then decides what is going on.
Step 2: The focus subsystem allows us to focus on a point of interest
Based on sounds detected by the orient subsystem, the focus subsystem forms meaningful sounds that we can choose to listen to or switch attention to when needed. When in focus, the sound becomes clear and easy to recognise.

A well-functioning partnership, where the orient and focus subsystems work together – continuously and simultaneously – is the basis for understanding sound effectively.


* Santurette, S. & Behrens, T. 2020. The audiology of Oticon More. Oticon Whitepaper.
^ O’Sullivan et al. 2019; Hausfeld et al. 2018; Puvvada & Simon. 2017; See also Man & Ng. 2020 for a review of these references.”


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