From $2,245.00 each, excluding clinical fees. Less for Pensioners and DVA card holders.

With Oticon Opn, a new industry standard was set – Oticon Opn S takes it even further:


• Velox S – a new level of processing power. Faster automatics, new highly sensitive detectors, and increased memory make the Velox S platform the most powerful from Oticon ever, enabling us to analyse sound 56,000 additional times per second.


• The OpenSound Navigator provides users with more accurate information about their 360º soundscape, even in difficult listening environments. This open sound experience gives access to multiple speakers and allows the user to decide what to focus on.


• Empowering users with the new OpenSound Booster – offering even more help in everyday noisy situations to those who need it most, whenever they need it the most.


• OpenSound Optimizer – from feedback management to feedback prevention. With optimal gain, open fittings and no feedback, the OpenSound Optimizer brings users the next level of the open sound experience.


• Powered by the OpenSound Optimizer and the OpenSound Navigator, Oticon Opn S takes speech understanding to the next level and closes a gap to normal hearing.


• An extensive range of wireless connectivity possibilities – including handsfree streaming from compatible smartphones with ConnectClip*.


• The new miniRITE R – a unique combination of the open sound experience, superior connectivity and a state-of-the-art rechargeable lithium-ion solution in an elegant and discreet design**.


• The Oticon ON App – designed to empower users with a wide range of features and functionalities that add to the outstanding audiology of Oticon Opn S.


* ConnectClip is an additional accessory available for purchase and is not part of the hearing aid package.


** The complete miniRITE R rechargeable family will progressively become available through the course of 2019. The charging dock is an additional accessory available for purchase and is necessary for these hearing aids to function.


3 Year Warranty

Our hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


30-day Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with your new hearing aids, simply return them within 30 days for a refund.


Transparent Pricing

You’ll see exactly what you are paying for. Clinical fees are independent from the cost of your hearing aid. This helps us keep our prices low. Read about our clinical fees here.

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