From $1,595.00 each, excluding clinical fees. Less for Pensioners and DVA card holders.


Unleash the wonder within you with Virto Paradise

Custom-made, Phonak Virto Paradise fits your ears and delivers an unrivaled hearing experience to enhance your lifestyle.

Phonak Virto Paradise is the comprehensive ITE portfolio for mild to profound hearing losses. Virto P includes four models, four power levels, and four performance levels. Powered by the innovative technology of the Phonak Paradise platform, Virto P hearing aids are the ideal solution for those people that prefer a custom-made solution with best hearing performance.

Stay confident and connected

With Virto P-312, you can enjoy universal connectivity to keep up to date with your busy life. The Virto Paradise range connects to smartphones, TV, Roger and more. Plus, you can easily switch between two paired devices with enhanced Bluetooth capabilities and enjoy multiple Bluetooth connections.

Brilliant Speech Understanding

Understanding someone who is speaking softly or from a distance in a quiet environment can be challenging. Speech Enhancer boosts soft-level speech so you are able to enjoy conversations with friends, colleagues and loved ones. In addition, Virto Paradise can distinguish between streamed speech and music for a seamless listening experience.

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3 Year Warranty

Our hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


30-day Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with your new hearing aids, simply return them within 30 days for a refund.


Transparent Pricing

You’ll see exactly what you are paying for. Clinical fees are independent from the cost of your hearing aid. This helps us keep our prices low. Read about our clinical fees here.