Widex Evoke

From $1,195.00 each, each, excluding clinical fees. Less for Pensioners and DVA card holders.

The Future Of Hearing Devices Is Here

Introducing the Widex Evoke. Not only does it allow you to hear better in the moment with truly lifelike sound, through machine learning it learns how you prefer to hear and improves the more you use it.


WIDEX EVOKE™ also provides the convenience of rechargeability in a Made For iPhone device, giving you the option to charge batteries at night instead of changing them every week. You can also stream phone calls and audio from your iPhone directly to two different WIDEX EVOKE™ models.

WIDEX EVOKE™ is available from A Better Ear in a range of models to suit your needs, preferences and lifestyle.


Intelligent Today, To Hear Everywhere

When it’s noisy, you need your hearing aid to filter out anything that can distract from hearing speech. But in quiet situations you want to hear all the subtle details.

WIDEX EVOKE™ has a built-in Universal program that sets the optimal sound for different sound environments. Now you can experience what’s happening in real-life and never miss out.


Lifelike Sound, Naturally

The more lifelike sound is, the easier it is to hear. That’s why we’ve given WIDEX EVOKE™ the most natural sound you can get from a hearing aid.


Keeps Up With Your Life

With premium sound class technology WIDEX EVOKE™ knows the difference between classical music and pop, and that a meeting sounds different from a party.

It keeps up with you everywhere – mapping your environment and adjusting accordingly, automatically reacting to the environment around you smoothly and in real-time.


You Help It Get Even Smarter Tomorrow

You can teach WIDEX EVOKE™ how you prefer to hear through sophisticated SoundSense technology.


SoundSense Learn

Artificial Intelligence in SoundSense Learn gives you two sound profiles to choose from. Simply listen to them and select the sound you prefer. It’s never been easier to improve your hearing in everyday, real-life situations.


SoundSense Adapt

WIDEX EVOKE™ remembers the volume changes you make and intelligently applies them to similar situations. With SoundSense Adapt technology, it’s so intelligent you might forget you’re wearing it!


Every time you interact with WIDEX EVOKE™ it improves and will learn from the experience. This anonymous data is used to update the SoundSense technology, so the intelligent device you wear today becomes smarter tomorrow.


3 Year Warranty

Our hearing aids come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.


30-day Returns Policy

If you are not satisfied with your new hearing aids, simply return them within 30 days for a refund.


Transparent Pricing

You’ll see exactly what you are paying for. Clinical fees are independent from the cost of your hearing aid. This helps us keep our prices low. Read about our clinical fees here.

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