Which is the best hearing clinic near me?

Hearing test near me, Cleveland Queensland.

Choosing a reputable hearing clinic

Difficulty in hearing amid noise, realising that your partner is frequently asking you to repeat yourself, and having trouble hearing the grandchildren are common signs of hearing loss. Once you start recognising these symptoms, it becomes important to seek out a reputable and trustworthy hearing clinic. Searching for ‘hearing test near me’ on Google is a good starting point. However, it’s important to consider other factors before you invest time, money, and emotion into addressing this crucial aspect of social interaction.

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Fair and ethical treatment

You might be surprised when learning that about 75% of people who start using hearing aids don’t continue with them. Why is this, and how can you avoid becoming part of this statistic?

When looking for a hearing clinic, the numerous options in Cleveland and the broader Redlands area can be overwhelming. How do you choose a clinic that prioritises your interests over their commercial or personal gains?

People shouldn’t hesitate to address their health concerns due to fear of aggressive sales tactics. Sales commissions are, unfortunately, common in the hearing industry. At A Better Ear, our discomfort with sales managers dictating our hearing care practice led us to establish our own clinic. We advise caution when consulting with healthcare professionals who earn more as you spend more. Therefore, it’s wise to choose a hearing clinic bearing this in mind and to set clear goals before beginning.

What are your goals?

The common goal for most people is ‘to hear better’ – a great starting point! However, hearing is a complex issue. It’s valuable to spend some time identifying when and where you struggle with hearing. Consider taking notes over a few days. Do you have difficulty communicating with your partner at home? Is the TV causing problems? Or perhaps you work long hours in a people-focused role, needing to perform optimally in large outdoor settings, crowded conference rooms, and on video calls?

Knowing your specific needs will help you choose the right hearing clinic.

Shopping centre healthcare

Consumers are increasingly encountering shopping centre healthcare. Fortunately, we haven’t yet reached the stage where a quick 5-minute dental check is offered, nor are people choosing a heart surgeon based on retail sales staff. So, why has hearing care succumbed to this trend?

Manufacturer-owned clinics

Many clinics in Australia are owned by hearing aid manufacturers or global chains. Even if a clinic does not bear the name of the hearing aid manufacturer, it often represents the manufacturer’s retail sales division. This business model allows hearing aids to generate significant profit margins for the manufacturer. This situation has led to tension between clinicians committed to ethical healthcare and the dominant retail sales approach.

This scenario is akin to visiting an Apple store for healthcare needs. Simply by attending, you are predisposed to a specific product, and the consultant’s role becomes matching that product to your requirements.

Audiologist vs. Audiometrist

In Australia, the professions of audiologist and audiometrist are often misunderstood and their terms used interchangeably, yet they are distinct.

An audiologist has a broader scope of medical practice and requires a Master’s degree. This level of education ensures a comprehensive understanding of the auditory system, with at least two years of intensive postgraduate university training. Such training is crucial for understanding ear diseases and consulting on hearing health. Audiologists also possess an in-depth knowledge of the relationship between hearing and cognition, the complexities of tinnitus, and can provide evidence-based comprehensive diagnosis and rehabilitation.

The training of an audiologist is not limited to dispensing hearing aids; their primary focus is on treating individuals from a holistic health perspective.

Patient testimonials

When searching Google for an independently owned hearing clinic employing Audiologists, check the clinic’s reviews. Google reviews are a great barometer for patient satisfaction. How many 5-star reviews does the business have? What are people saying about the clinic?

A Better Ear has been serving the Redlands for almost 5 years (as of Dec 2023) and has over one hundred and ninety 5-star reviews.

“Blown away by the service, dedication, and attention to detail!”

“It’s great to see such a professional, thorough, well-researched and dedicated service in the audio field here in Cleveland.”

“I can’t speak highly enough of my experience at A Better Ear. Penelope takes the time to explain what she is doing at each step of the assessment.”

“No pressure or pushing of more expensive products.”

Word of mouth is hard to beat, so make sure you ask your friends if they can recommend a clinic.

How do I get started?

If you are looking to start a relationship with an expertly qualified audiologist, with excellent service and hearing outcomes, please call us at A Better Ear on 3821 3744.

Disclaimer: All information is general in nature. Patients should consider their own personal circumstances and seek a second opinion. Eligibility for, and services available under the Hearing Services Program may change. Please check the HSP website for up-to-date details.