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“Why don’t my hearing aids work?”


Our principal Audiologist and founder Penelope Woods BMus, MAudS, MAudA (CCP) gets asked this regularly when meeting new patients and when speaking publicly. Sometimes the cause is a broken aid. More often the problem is that the hearing aid has not been adjusted correctly. Poor tuning is one of the most common causes of hearing aid abandonment. Think of it this way; wearing a poorly adjusted hearing aid is a bit like trying to wear someone else’s denture. Not only is it unpleasant, but it’s also impractical.


Common Problems

Do any of these problems sound familiar?

  • High pitched squealing
  • Low pitched whooshing sounds
  • Hearing aid falling out
  • Pain in, or around, the ear
  • Sounds that are either too loud or too quiet
  • Inability to hear well whilst on the phone
  • Volume, but not clarity
  • Everything is loud except what you want to hear!

All these symptoms could point to a poorly adjusted hearing aid.


Tuning: An Expert Discipline

It is sometimes thought that the more you spend on a hearing aid, the better it will sound. Unfortunately, this is only partly true because it overlooks two important points:

  • how well the hearing aid has been tuned to the wearer’s prescription, and
  • how well the hearing aid has been fit to the wearer’s ear.

Hearing aid adjustments remains a human discipline. Certainly, the cost of a hearing aid can influence clarity (especially in noisy or challenging listening environments) but so does expert tuning. To get the best results you need a clinic like A Better Ear that uses the internationally recognised gold standard for every single fitting. Anything else and you are likely getting short-changed.


“They sound better than ever!”

The solution to poor sounding hearing aids may be as simple as a re-adjusted by an experienced Audiologist who cares about the results as much as you do. We love to see people come in with hearing aids they are dissatisfied with and leave saying, “they sound better than they ever have!”

Please note, however, that if you are new to A Better Ear, we will need to complete a comprehensive hearing assessment first. This will allow us to fully understand your hearing which is necessary to ensure a better outcome.

Clinical Fee – $155.00*

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“So happy that I had my hearing aid (from another provider) reviewed. I now have a system that has improved my hearing so much that I can actually enjoy going out to noisy restaurants instead of dreading them. Thanks, great team work”Michael, Capalaba, QLD 4157