Invisible Hearing Aids: Will They Work For You?

Invisible Hearing Aids

Explore the effectiveness of invisible hearing aids and if they are appropriate for you. While these small devices can be placed deep within the ear canal, making them virtually undetectable, they may not be the best solution for every individual.

Should I buy rechargeable hearing aids?

Consider this before buying rechargeable hearing aids?

Over the past few years rechargeable hearing aids have become a more popular option. But what do you need to know before you buy rechargable hearing aids? And are they the right solution for you? Greater convenience. Same sound. When talking about buying rechargeable hearing aids, its good to know that most rechargeable devices are […]

How Bluetooth hearing aids work

How Bluetooth hearing aids work.

Wireless streaming to your ears Bluetooth can often be perceived as a hurdle. If you are not familiar with ‘streaming’ the whole thing can seem as daunting as any other unfamiliar technology. How do Bluetooth Hearing Aids Work? And why would I bother? We often see patients with Bluetooth hearing aids become interested in better […]