Understanding Background Noise Management and Hearing Aids

A dummy inside a sound treated chamber used to measure sound

Today we are lifting the lid on background noise and hearing aids. It’s a topic many of you might relate to or have wondered about, “Why can’t hearing aids filter out background noise?” It’s definitely a topic that’s comes up in the clinic, and it’s somewhat complex. I’ll try to clarify the key points to […]

Invisible Hearing Aids: Will They Work For You?

Invisible Hearing Aids

Explore the effectiveness of invisible hearing aids and if they are appropriate for you. While these small devices can be placed deep within the ear canal, making them virtually undetectable, they may not be the best solution for every individual.

The Hearing Services Programs: What you need to know

Sufferers of hearing loss may take many years to seriously consider treatment and rehabilitation. However, untreated hearing loss can negatively affect both the sufferer and their loved ones. Hearing issues may diminish a patient’s confidence and gradually lead to social isolation. Hearing aids can alleviate these problems, and their role in hearing rehabilitation and improving […]

Can’t hear over background noise?

Hearing in noise

Many people first notice hearing loss in noisy environments. Pubs, clubs, restaurant, cafés and lecture halls all offer significant challenges. This is often because they are large open areas, with multiple sound sources and have hard flat surfaces with little to break up bouncing sound waves. If you are finding you can’t hear when there […]

What kind of free pensioners hearing aids can I get?

What kind of free pensioners hearing aids can I get?

Free pensioner hearing aids? We get lots of questions about free hearing aids for pensioners, both in the clinic and when doing community education. The public knows about them but they don’t know much more. Sadly, sometimes a negative stigma is attached to them – we’ll get to that in a moment. Many people are […]

Can I get free pensioner hearing aids?

Can I get free pensioner hearing aids

The Hearing Services Program You’ve heard about free pensioner hearing aids, but how do you get them? Unlike many other healthcare services in Australia, hearing care funding is not delivered through Medicare. Its delivered via a dedicated Australian Government program called the “Hearing Services Program” (HSP). Eligible pensioners and department of veterans’ affairs card holders […]