Celebrating 5 Years in the Redlands!

Penelope and Damien relaxing outside the clinic

We are thrilled to announce that A Better Ear is celebrating five remarkable years of serving the Redlands community.  To express our appreciation for your support, we’ve prepared a range of special offers designed to reward one lucky patient and encourage all of your friends to be pro-active about their hearing healthcare. Hurry! This offer […]

What is Hidden Hearing Loss?

An independent audiologist near me, reviews a hearing test.

Hidden hearing loss is a hearing condition that occurs when the auditory nerve fibers in the inner ear become damaged, causing a reduced ability to process sound, especially in noisy environments. This type of hearing loss is often not detected in standard hearing tests and can impact social interactions and quality of life. Find out more about hidden hearing loss and its potential causes and treatments in this article from A Better Ear.

How To Advise My Parents They Could Benefit From Hearing Aids

Audiologist fitting a hearing aid | A Better Ear

If you’ve struggled with one or both of your parents having issues hearing but not accepting the fact, know you’re not alone. It is very common for people with hearing impairments to have difficulty recognising and accepting that they have hearing loss and to seek assistance for it. If you’ve noticed your parents showing signs […]