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“Words are insufficient to describe the care both Penelope and Damien have provided. My hearing has improved remarkably because of the new hearing aids obtained through A Better Ear. Thank you, Penelope & Damien. – David C.”

Impartial and Unbiased

Finding a hearing clinic that provides reliable advice can be difficult. That’s why we started A Better Ear, to provide an independent hearing clinic for active and independent Brisbane residents who want dignity and respect, together with superior clinical hearing care.

Patients trust us because we provide fact-based advice and take a holistic and inclusive approach to clinical hearing care. As a result, we consistently deliver great outcomes to patients, clients, and their loved ones. Our spotless reputation for unbiased professional integrity and fantastic patient and client outcomes, shows we help people make genuinely well-informed decisions.

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Hearing Assessments

From our first contact we are completely focussed on understanding and meeting your goals. Hearing Assessments commence with us getting to understand your unique circumstances, problems, and objectives. Our Masters qualified Audiologist then performs up to 7 separate procedures during a comprehensive one-hour assessment that leaves nothing to the imagination.

Taking the time to explain the tests, and their results, in plain-English, elevates your role in the consultation and means you are better able to make informed decisions about your hearing healthcare.

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“Wow! Amazing! I initially went to A Better Ear due to the reviews and the reviews hold up to the quality of care and expertise I received! I’m so glad I went to them! Penelope’s knowledge about the ear and her caring nature is next level. I felt really comfortable the whole time! I really do recommend this business! Thank you again!! – Amber L.”

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Hearing Aids

With hundreds of hearing aids on the Australian market and new devices being launched all the time, how do you know which is right for you?

As an independent clinic, we do the hard work for you. We compare all the hearing aids on the market and rate each according to their strength in different listening environments. It’s our job to know what’s coming out, what’s available, and which is right for your circumstances.

By sharing with you what is clinically appropriate, and openly discussing your goals, we can create balanced and realistic expectations for practical and positive changes in your life.

Turn Over A New Leaf

Hearing loss can be difficult to live with. It can cause friction between friends, loved ones and colleagues. If untreated it can lead to social exclusion, isolation and even depression and cognitive decline. However, it doesn’t need to be like that, however. All you need is a hearing clinic you can trust. A Better Ear has helped hundreds of people re-join life’s party with vigour and confidence. Don’t you deserve that too?

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“I am absolutely ecstatic at the result achieved with my new hearing aids and the wonderful service received from Penelope and Damien. – Dianne K.”

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Email: hello@abetterear.com.au

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